New Express LIFT class!

Get ready for high energy fun with this 30 min class! We will focus on increased heart rates, core engagement and burnout strength moves! Multiple class times available 6 days a week – upper, lower, cardio/core splits. Join at this membership level and attend as many Express classes as you like!

$69 per month

New open gym hours!

Do you prefer to workout solo but want to avoid big box gyms? We are now open Monday through Friday from 11AM – 1PM for open gym hours! Join now and start scheduling your lifts today!

$79 per month


1x/week (5 classes/month)
$98 per month


2x/week (9 classes/month)
$148 per month


As many as you'd like!
$188 per month

10 Class Pass

Good for 1 year from purchase!
$175 one time purchsase

Although we operate month to month, we offer discounts for committing to a longer membership plan.

4 month contract = 4% off per month

8 month contract = 8% off per month

12 month contract = 12% off per month

Epic employee discount = 10% off per month

Student discount = 10% off per month

$45 per month

Pay per session

$60 per session for 1:1 training

$80 per session for 2:1 training ($20 discount per person!)

Monthly Membership

Price per month varies by number of workouts. Reach out for details!

$19.99 per month