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Lioness LIFT


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2x/week (9 classes/month)
$143 per month


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$193 per month

10 Class Pass

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Although we operate month to month, we offer discounts for committing to a longer membership plan.

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4 month contract = 4% off per month = LIFT4

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12 month contract = 12% off per month = LIFT12


*You can always adjust your membership up to a higher level at any time OR add classes using the drop in payment link as needed.

**Your first LIFT class is always FREE!

Lioness Yoga

Join Jordann for 45 min of deep breathing, reconnecting with your body and slowing down at the end of a busy day. Grab this link for a 4-class pass. Good for up to one year after purchase.

$45 per month

Lioness Online

*All membership levels qualify for Black Friday promo with 2 month commitment.

Monthly Membership

$29 per month